Małgorzata Banasik

Managing Partner

Legal counsel, Co-founder and Managing Partner of BWW law firm;

Vice President of the Association of Energy Law Lawyers, which brings together experts – partners or heads of the energy department at the largest law firms in Poland.

She has gained many years of experience by providing legal services to the largest Polish companies that operate in the energy, heat and gas sector. She helps companies meet environmental goals related to the transition to green energy.

She supports investment processes related to renewable energy sources. Participates in international energy and infrastructure projects. She supports projects using wind, solar, biogas as an energy source with her knowledge and experience. She is also involved in projects using the fuel of the future – hydrogen.

She is involved in legislative processes, with particular focus on the implementation of EU regulations in Poland.

She represents energy law companies before the President of the Energy Regulatory Authority. She prepares documents that regulate the day-to-day operations of energy companies.

She co-founded the free market and gas exchange in Poland.

Before the outbreak of war in Ukraine, she worked for the gas transmission operator there and supported its efforts to integrate with European markets.

He also works on projects (WtE – Waste to Energy), helping to manage waste and use it in the production of energy and system heat.

She combines regulatory competence with technical expertise in the energy field.

It is involved in the creation of new investment opportunities in the public-private partnership (PPP) formula, including institutional PPPs.

She supports clients in capital transactions, mergers and acquisitions, transformations and restructurings.

It has also supported companies in the chemical, new technology, IT and telecommunications sectors.

Her strong position and activity in the legal market is based on her experience in providing corporate services to listed companies and state-owned companies, many years of experience in investment, construction and infrastructure processes.

She has participated in many implementation projects in the IT sector, including SAP systems, also for telecommunication companies.

She has provided training and actively participates in conferences related to the gas market, RES, district heating and waste management (WtE) sector.

A recommended lawyer in THE LEGAL500 EMEA – Energy and Natural Resources ranking.

Aleksandra Woźniak

Managing Partner 

Legal Counsel with many years of experience and extensive practice in individual and collective labor law. As an experienced expert in legal services for business entities, she efficiently establishes contacts and understands the business needs of clients. She gained expert knowledge by cooperating for many years with Prof. Małgorzata Gersdorf.

She represents employers in cooperation with members of management boards and senior managers (including on the grounds of the so-called “chimney law”), as well as parties during pre-court negotiations and in court disputes before administrative courts, common courts, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court. He supports clients in dealing with the State Labor Inspectorate, the Chief Inspector of Personal Data Protection, the Social Insurance Institution and other authorities.

Within the framework of individual labor law, she prepares drafts of all types of agreements (including managerial contracts or non-competition agreements) and statements on termination of employment contracts.

She has extensive experience in negotiations with labor unions. She has repeatedly participated in negotiations on company collective bargaining agreements and social packages. She has provided advice in agreeing regulations on remuneration, bonuses, labor or the company’s social benefits fund. She was involved in consultancy in the process of group layoffs or in the process of the so-called transfer of a company or its part to another employer.

She participates in processes related to the termination of collective bargaining agreements and the implementation of new intra-company sources of labor law. She supports her clients at every stage of collective disputes, from bargaining, through the mediation stage and strike referendums up to and including the strike stage.

She is the author of numerous publications in the field of labor law. Co-author of a monograph on the limited liability company (C.H. Beck Publishing House) and co-author of a textbook for students and trainees entitled. “Labor Law – Case Studies and Exercises” and “Specimens of Pleadings in Labor Law”. She conducts trainings on labor law (anti-bullying, working time, termination of employment contracts).

Graduate of the School of German Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw.

Primary specializations:

Negotiations with trade unions.

Collective disputes.


Agnieszka Ferek

Partner | Attorney-at-law

Legal counsel with many years of experience in the area of legal advice on infrastructure projects from various sectors of the economy, for both public and private entities. Expert recommended in Chambers Europe and Legal500 EMEA rankings. For many years she led the PPP practice at an international law firm. She has extensive experience in providing advice to public entities on the development of performance appraisals for various PPP projects and the preparation of tender documents, including drafts of the PPP agreement. As part of her counseling, she provides legal support in connection with the drawing of the project financing loan and the execution of all project agreements, including the turnkey EPC agreement and financing agreements. As an experienced practitioner, he represents clients in the negotiation of project contracts, tender proceedings and provides advice on related legal issues. He provides comprehensive advice in waste management and district heating projects, especially those implemented under the PPP formula. Among others, he participates in projects involving the design, construction, maintenance and operation of thermal waste processing installations with energy recovery, or projects involving the construction of combined heat and power plants, and subsequent management of the resulting infrastructure. Participates in handling transactions for the sale of shares of municipal companies.

Provides comprehensive legal advice in the first PPP project in Poland in the water sector, particularly with regard to tenders for the construction and operation of wastewater treatment plants under the public-private partnership formula. Provides training in PPP and PZP for private and public entities.

Tetiana Fedorova

Partner | Attorney-at-law

Legal counsel with many years of experience in providing legal services to companies operating in the in Ukraine’s gas, electricity, district heating and utility sectors, financial, banking and telecommunications markets.

She is responsible for the Ukrainian market and has experience in the assessment and management of energy and utility finances, public procurement procedures, and experience working for the country’s largest energy companies.

She was a member of the board of directors of the Ukrainian Transmission System Operator from 2017 -2020 and served as state representative and vice chairman of the supervisory board of the Ukrainian Transmission System Operator from 2021.

She has comprehensive knowledge of Ukrainian energy, gas and financial markets and instruments. She has been involved in the integration of the European and Ukrainian gas markets, including the implementation of EU regulations in Ukraine, such as the implementation of the daily balance system for the Ukrainian gas market. She was the leader of the unbundling project for the Ukrainian TSO.

In her professional activity, she took an active part in reforming various sectors of the Ukrainian economy, in particular in the telecommunications, financial and energy markets.

Aneta Dybińska

Senior Assiociate

Specialist in energy, civil and administrative law. She deals with issues relating to the energy market, particularly related to the area of gas sector operations and renewable energy sources. Among other things, she has participated in the drafting of network codes, tariffs and price lists for energy companies.

She also provides legal advice on the implementation of infrastructure investments, in particular on issues related to land use planning and development, environmental law and construction law. She has experience in conducting legal due diligence of real estate for investments in the aviation area.

She has been a representative of parties in many proceedings before common courts in commercial and civil cases. She also has experience in providing legal services to local government units.

She is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw, as well as postgraduate studies “Academy of Energy” at the Warsaw School of Economics. Participant of training courses and conferences on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources (including PPAs). She was a volunteer at the Maciej Bednarkiewicz Academia Iuris Foundation.

Primary specialties:

Infrastructure investments

Gas market

Environmental law

Aneta Gęsiarz-Krasucka

Senior Assiociate | Of Counsel

Legal advisor with several years of experience and extensive practice in the field of public and administrative law, with particular emphasis on issues related to the tasks and system of local government units, public finance, public procurement and civil law. She gained her extensive professional experience by providing legal assistance to the local government bodies of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, for more than a dozen years as a legal advisor to the Office of the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship in Warsaw, and then managing the work of the legal division as deputy director of the Department of Organization for Legal Affairs.

Her most important professional achievement was the preparation of a motion and written positions to the Constitutional Court on the issue of the so-called “janosikowe” for provinces, which resulted in the landmark and precedent-setting judgment of March 4, 2014. (K 13/11). In this way, it led to the amendment of the Law on Income of Local Government Units, of which the Mazowieckie Voivodeship was the main beneficiary.

Another major challenge and success was the case before the Constitutional Court regarding the financial responsibility of provincial governments for so-called hospital debts (K 4/17). In this case, on November 20, 2019. Constitutional Court also issued an important judgment for Polish local governments, stating that unacceptable from the point of view of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, is the mechanism for passing on to local government units the ever-increasing costs of providing health care services, without providing funds to finance this activity.

In addition to the aforementioned cases, she initiated and created a mechanism for asserting the responsibility of the State Treasury for the expenses incurred by local government units on tasks assigned to government administration. She independently prepared and conducted many of them. She also gained her knowledge of the public finance sector by adjudicating for two terms at the Adjudicatory Committee on Public Finance Discipline Violations at the Minister of Health, where she first served as Deputy Chairman and then as Chairman of the Committee.

She also has many years of extensive experience in providing legal services for investment projects, particularly in the field of construction and modernization of cubic and linear infrastructure, with particular emphasis on the construction and modernization of roads, carried out in the formula of the Public Procurement Law and on the basis of Article 16 of the Law on Public Roads. She prepares and gives opinions on tender documents and draft contracts.

She is the co-author of a commentary on the Act on Provincial Self-Government (C.H. Beck 2020 Publishing House) and an article “Selected issues concerning the place and role of local government units in the area of health care in light of the Constitutional Court’s judgment of November 20, 2019. (K 4/17),” which appeared in Local Government 2020/1-2.

As an unquestionable authority in her field, in October 2022 she was qualified as one of the 25 most outstanding Polish lawyers working for business by Forbes Women magazine and the Women in Law Foundation (public administration category).

In June 2023, she was awarded the “Pro Masovia” commemorative medal by the Marshal of the Mazovian Voivodeship – for her outstanding contributions and overall activity for the benefit of the Mazovian Voivodeship.

As a graduate of SWPS with a degree in “Legaltech and innovation in the legal industry,” her professional interests are in legal design thinking and new technologies lying at the intersection of the worlds of IT, law, business and administration.

In June 2023, she completed an advanced course in simple Polish and became a certified language consultant according to the University of Wroclaw Standard.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Wroclaw, she is registered on the List of Legal Advisors of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw.

Basic specializations:

  • system and tasks of local government units

  • municipal economy

  • public finance

  • public procurement

  • simple polish, simple language

Krystyna Kubaj

Of Counsel

Specialist in corporate law, including public companies, expert in restructuring processes.

She has extensive experience in real estate law, including complex analysis of the legal status of real estate, real estate transactions, encumbrance of real estate and conducting infrastructure investments.

She provides comprehensive advice on investment processes. She has gained professional experience by providing comprehensive, ongoing services to entities in the large chemical sector and a seaport management entity, including handling projects related to the construction of the gas terminal in Swinoujscie and handling transformation processes.

Przemysław Bartoszek

Associate | Attorney-at-law

He specializes in civil law, energy law and public procurement law. He has participated in the drafting of agreements on the construction of international gas pipeline connections and cooperation between transmission system operators. He drafted pleadings in proceedings before the Polish and Danish energy regulators. Among other things, he participates in handling a public procurement proceeding involving a major investment in thermal power and modern waste management.

Legal Advisor, a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University and a scholarship holder of the rector of the same university, he graduated with a very good grade. He did his internship and worked, among others, in the Office of the Constitutional Court (in 2014-2015).

Klaudia Domasiewicz

Associate | Attorney-at-law

Specialist in corporate law, civil law and civil procedure. She has extensive experience in providing legal services to business entities and individuals.

In the past she provided comprehensive corporate services to commercial law companies, including companies with State Treasury participation. She advised on transactions involving the trading of shares and stocks, the increase and reduction of share capital and amendments to the articles of incorporation of capital companies. She has also participated in the implementation of capital group codes, as well as in share dematerialization processes. She has experience in conducting legal due diligence on real estate.

She has represented clients before common courts and the Supreme Court, including in construction disputes concerning investments in the energy area. She also has experience in litigating claims from so-called “franking credits.”

She graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw and from the Center for American Law co-organized by the University of Florida – F.G. Levin College of Law and the University of Warsaw. She is a graduate of the “Academy of Companies” postgraduate program at the Warsaw School of Economics and the Postgraduate Program in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Warsaw. As a volunteer, she supported the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights.

Marta Kąkol

Associate | Attorney-at-law

Specialist in business law, civil law with particular emphasis on contract law and real estate law, as well as public procurement law and administrative law, particularly construction law. She has extensive experience in representing business entities and individuals before common and administrative courts, including the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court. She has represented clients in litigation, with a particular focus on disputes concerning construction investments, banking contracts, including claims from so-called “franking credits,” claims from insurance relationships and claims from liability of members of the board of directors of capital companies, as well as in all kinds of other civil and business law matters. He has experience in providing comprehensive corporate services to capital companies, including making changes in share capital, as well as experience in the area of competition law and tax law.


Currently, he comprehensively advises business entities on issues related to the preparation and implementation of investment processes, including in the field of energy, including in the framework of public-private partnerships (PPP), as well as on matters related to the financing of these projects from public funds. He participates in the preparation of contracts within the investment process, due diligence reports and legal opinions on real estate. He prepares and gives opinions on tender documents within the framework of public procurement proceedings and advises during these proceedings. In addition, he provides corporate services to commercial companies and advises them on their day-to-day operations. She represents clients before common courts, administrative courts, arbitration courts and administrative bodies in civil, commercial and administrative cases.


Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Maria Curie – Skłodowska University and postgraduate studies “Public Procurement”, “Accounting” and “Insurance and Financial Intermediation” at Maria Curie – Skłodowska University. She has gained experience since 2011 providing legal assistance to entrepreneurs, local government offices, municipal companies and individuals. Legal advisor since 2015. Registered on the List of Legal Advisors of the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisors in Lublin.

Klaudia Niewęgłowska

Associate | Attorney-at-law

A specialist in labor and social security law. She is interested in issues related to both individual labor relations and collective labor law. She mainly deals with topics related to the ongoing support of the field of human resources and payroll in connection with the hiring of employees, the termination of employment relationships or the implementation by employers of their obligations during employment relationships. He drafts and gives opinions on intra-company sources of labor law. Represents clients in labor law litigation.

Experienced practitioner in the area of benefits from the Company Social Benefits Fund, as well as counteracting mobbing and related audits. She also has experience in the subject of offenses against employees’ rights and appeals against decisions of administrative bodies, including those concerning occupational diseases.

She is a graduate of law and legal-management studies at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. She earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations with a specialization in international security also at the above-mentioned university. She is the author of one of the chapters in the monograph “Intellectual Property in Business”.

Agnieszka Walerczyk

Assiociate | Of Counsel

Legal advisor since 2020, registered on the list of legal advisors of the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisors in Szczecin, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Szczecin. She has been gaining experience since 2012 in reputable Szczecin law firms, providing legal assistance in the field of civil law, including labor law and commercial law.

She specializes in civil law, public procurement law and administrative law, with a particular focus on maritime law issues. On a daily basis, she provides day-to-day services primarily in the field of contract law. She has extensive experience in providing services to both natural entities, commercial companies – including companies with participation of the State Treasury, as well as public administration bodies.

Weronika Wyszczelska

Associate | Attorney-at-law

Legal Advisor, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Szczecin and postgraduate studies in mediation at the School of Banking in Szczecin. She has completed numerous trainings and courses in mediation, negotiation, business process modeling and project management, among others. She holds an international certificate in project management from Prince2 Foundation. She is currently broadening her interests in environmental protection on a postgraduate course in “Environmental Law with Sustainable Development” at Lazarski University in Warsaw.

He has experience related to, among other things, litigation in the field of loans indexed to foreign currency, as well as several years of experience in bankruptcy cases.

At the Firm, she handles infrastructure investments implemented mainly in the environmental sector (energy, water, waste) at all their stages, i.e. obtaining the necessary administrative decisions, preparing tender documentation, drafting and executing project agreements.

Radosław Chmielewski

Legal Assistant


Sebastian Kędzia

Legal Assistant

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. He graduated with a degree in law, defending his master’s thesis entitled. “Violations of international humanitarian law by the Russian Federation in the armed conflict with Ukraine”. He has been gaining professional experience since the third year of his studies. He previously worked at a law firm specializing in comprehensive services for entrepreneurs. He has been working with BWW law firm since May 2023.

His experience includes the creation of pleadings in civil and administrative proceedings, as well as the assertion of claims at the pre-trial, judicial and enforcement stages. He is interested in energy law, mainly RES-related topics. At BWW, he assists with legal services for entities in the gaseous fuels and electricity sectors.

Bartłomiej Kielasiński

Legal Assistant

Student at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw, winner of a scholarship from the rector of this university. He gained professional experience in the legal department of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. He is primarily interested in civil law, as well as administrative proceedings and areas of substantive administrative law, especially environmental law. At the Firm, he deals, among other things, with matters related to the energy market, including the gas sector and waste management, the implementation of construction projects, land use planning and development and contract law, as well as monitoring changes in European Union legislation. He is also currently embarking on an academic career; his article entitled “Forms of nature protection – current status and postulates” has, after receiving positive reviews, been submitted for publication in a published monograph.

Karolina Kokoszka

Legal Assistant

Student of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. She gained professional experience in a court civil department and in a notary’s office, mainly in drafting real estate sales contracts.

At the law firm, she deals with tasks in the field of labor law – she is involved, among other things, in cases involving the termination of employment relations and anti-mobbing proceedings. In addition to labor law, she is also interested in civil law and issues related to civil litigation, especially the practical dimension of the proceedings.

Dominika Niemiec

Legal Assistant

Graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. She completed her studies with a very good grade. In her master’s thesis she described the problems of the relationship between bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings and court enforcement proceedings.

During her studies, she gained professional experience mainly in the area of real estate law (including assistance with real estate due diligence, assistance with legal services for entrepreneurs in connection with the acquisition/disposal of real estate). Among other things, she is the author of an article on changes in the office real estate market that were triggered by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She relates her professional interests and future career to specializing in the areas of energy and construction law, increasing renewable energy generation capacity, developing new zero-emission technologies (including hydrogen), and providing legal support for the development of the energy and infrastructure sector in less developed regions of Europe.

She is an annual recipient of the UJ Chancellor’s scholarship for the best law students. During her studies, she provided free legal assistance as part of the UJ Student Legal Clinic. Her penultimate semester of study was spent on a scholarship at Libera Università degli Studi Maria Ss. Assunta di Roma (Rome, Italy).

Her presidency of the TBSP Civil Procedure Scientific Circle at UJ, among other things, included teaching additional classes on civil procedure to lower year students (2 semesters), organizing an international scientific conference and an international seminar (including its financing) to the University of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Skopje (Northern Macedonia).

Alicja Świderska

Legal Assistant

Student of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. She began working with the Firm after completing her third year of studies. She has been gaining professional experience since the first year of her studies, working in Warsaw law offices. She is primarily interested in civil procedure and commercial insurance law.

At the Firm, she deals, among other things, with matters related to the energy market, including the gas and district heating sectors, as well as business insurance law. She has participated in the drafting of the Instructions for Operation and Maintenance of the Distribution Network and price lists for the energy company.

Piotr Wach

Legal Assistant

Lawyer. Participates in advising companies in the gas, district heating and electricity sectors.

electric power industry. He also deals with labor, civil and criminal law.

Specialist in energy law, in particular in the field of gas sector regulation and renewable energy sources. He has been involved in providing consulting services to trading companies on the implementation of obligations under the so-called Electricity Law introducing a freeze on electricity prices in 2019, development of network codes

(IRiESP and IRiESD), development of contracts and general contractual terms and conditions of gas system operators, development of a project for investment in renewable energy sources using the PPA, advising power companies on their representation in proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office and the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection, preparation of tender documentation for the implementation of investment projects (including the project for the construction of a thermal waste conversion plant, ITPO, in Olsztyn). He also participated in the development of the concept of establishing a Polish gas hub.

In addition, he is involved in drafting pleadings in labor law proceedings, as well as drafting and giving opinions on intra-company sources of labor law, including labor regulations.

He is fluent in German and has knowledge of German law, particularly German energy law.

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University and the School of German Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University. Participant of numerous training courses on the energy market.

Paweł Wieczorek

Legal Assistant

Student of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. He began working with the Firm after completing his third year of studies which included a course lecture in labor law. Winner of the National Labor Law Competition organized by one of the renowned international law firms, where he was subsequently offered an internship. He has been gathering professional experience since the beginning of his studies, having previously worked, among other things, at a foundation run by one of his lecturers.

At the Firm, he mainly deals with cases in the field of employment law in the broadest sense. In particular, these are problems related to the termination of the individual employment relationship and the transition of the workplace to a new employer, as well as relations between the employer and trade unions. I also frequently deal with the subject of compliance, i.e. ensuring that intra-company norms are in accordance with generally applicable law.

Since the beginning of his studies, he has shown great interest in scientific activities. For the past three years he has been an active member of an interdisciplinary seminar operating within the structures of the WPiA UW under the supervision of, among others, the former President of the Energy Regulatory Authority and members of the Office of Studies and Analysis of the Supreme Court. Already in his third year of study, he became a co-author of a legal monograph published by C.H. Beck. He currently has other publications in the pipeline, including co-authoring a monograph on civil trial to be published by Wolters Kluwer. He also speaks at scientific conferences in areas related to labor law, civil law and legal procedural issues.

Julia Wójcik

Legal Assistant

Student of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. She is primarily interested in civil litigation and issues related to competition and consumer protection. She gained professional experience by assisting in handling cases involving the so-called franking credits.

At the Firm, she supports the team in day-to-day client services and deals with issues relating to the energy market, in particular those related to the heating sector.

Jędrzej Zieliński

Legal Assistant

Student at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. He is particularly interested in issues related to social insurance law, procedural labor law and issues related to tax law, including primarily personal income tax.

At the Firm, he mainly deals with matters related to being subject to social insurance, termination of employment relationships and also taxation of income from the employment relationship and non-employment forms of employment.

He also develops on the scientific path by taking part in a research project funded by the National Science Center on the issue of good faith in constitutional law . In December 2021, the monograph “Current Problems of Electoral Law” was published by Warsaw University Publishers, in which he is the author of the chapter entitled “Electoral Law and Process in the Opinions of the Venice Commission”.

Jakub Zuchniewicz

Legal Assistant

Student at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. He is mainly interested in the branch of public economic law, and in particular in issues related to the functioning of entrepreneurs in regulated markets and the protection of competition.

He began working with the Firm in the fourth year of his studies after completing a specialization block including classes on the functioning of energy markets, which were conducted by the former President of the Energy Regulatory Office. As part of his support in the ongoing provision of services to clients, he mainly deals with issues related to the heat and gas sectors. He has participated in the preparation of due diligence reports on projects involving the construction or modernization of energy recovery facilities, preparation of agreements relating to waste management, work on the introduction and approval of amendments to the TNC, as well as analyses of issues relating to cooperation under the public-private partnership formula or the operation of installations covered by the greenhouse gas emission trading scheme.

Justyna Zasim

Office Manager