Work with our Energy

A team of lawyers with wide interests and specializations allowed us to build a modern law firm that provides legal services at the highest level. The knowledge and creativity of the team allows us to provide fast, comprehensive and effective solutions, even for the most demanding customers. We have the courage to advise in business with a vision.

Individual approach, innovative solutions and understanding of needs • we provide the best legal advice "with energy"

We provide professional legal advice in the area of energy law, public procurement law, construction and environmental protection law, waste management law, corporate law, labour law, social security law, civil law, tax law, as well as new technologies and intellectual property law.

The partners of the law firm are authors of a number of legal publications, speakers in expert training courses and workshops on current problems and challenges of modern business. They participate in legislative work in the field of labour law, EU energy regulations, infrastructure regulations, support for cogeneration and renewable energy sources.

Energy • Labour law • Infrastructure • Social insurance • PPP • Public procurement • Real estate • Environmental protection