Update of the National Waste Management Plan in progress

Polish government is currently working on updating the NWMP 2016. NWMP update is to adjust the existing targets in waste management to the European Commission’s proposals on so-called “circular economy”. In December 2015 the European Commission presented a proposal for revision of the “Waste Directive” aimed at reduction of waste storage in favor of their preparation for re-use and recycling. Incineration is intended to be complement of the waste management system.

Governmental proposals for updating the NWMP assume that by 2020, 50% of municipal waste should be recycled, and not more than 30% of waste could be thermally used.                                      Furthermore in 2025, 60% of municipal waste has to be recycled.

BWW is involved in consulting for entities operating in the waste sector and trying to actively influence on the shape of regulation in this industry. We advise both in investment processes related to waste management and provide opinions on legislation on these issues. On 9-10 June, 2016 Małgorzata Banasik- partner at BWW, took part in the III Conference: Alternative Fuels – Waste to Energy – Energy from Waste, where she presented a lecture on the current shape of regulations in the waste management and described the legal challenges facing the sector.

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