Update of the National Waste Management Plan in progress

Polish government is currently working on updating the NWMP 2016. NWMP update is to adjust the existing targets in waste management to the European Commission's proposals on so-called “circular economy”. In December 2015 the European Commission presented a proposal for revision of the “Waste Directive” aimed at reduction of waste storage in favor of their preparation for re-use and recycling. Incineration is intended to be complement of the waste management system.

President of ERO has approved tariff for Polish LNG

The tariff was approved as requested by the company, for the period from the introduction of tariffs for use - up to 31 December. The tariff defines fees for package services regasification of liquefied natural gas, including: unloading of LNG from the tanker, process storage tanks, regasification and putting the gaseous fuel to the transmission system and the rates for additional services in the field of handling LNG on tankers. In addition, it was established rates for separated services i.e. separated prolonged process storage and separated contracted capacity.

Renewable Energy Sources Act to amend

Parliament works on amendments to the Renewable Energy Sources Act. The proposed project provides a number of changes in the functioning of the support systems for the production of energy from renewable sources. The most profound changes relate to support for the so-called prosumers, producing energy in the microinstallations. The amendment also provides reform of so-called auction system, which will be in force from 1 July 2016. The main change is separation of the technology baskets for which will be organized separate auctions. The project also includes a change in the definition of renewable energy sources installation and introduces a new definition of the hybrid installation.

Polish LNG with the license and decision appointing as a system operator

On 11 May 2016 President of the Energy Regulatory Office issued a license for the liquefaction of natural gas and regasification of liquefied natural gas to the company Polish LNG. At the same time the President of ERO appointed Polish LNG as a system operator of the LNG Terminal in Swinoujscie. Both decisions are valid until 31 December 2030.

Competitive dialogue in the project of waste incineration plant in Olsztyn is already finished

In April, there was the official closing of the competitive dialogue aimed at selection of a private partner in order to provide the supply of heat to the municipal heating network in Olsztyn. The procedure organized by the MPEC Olsztyn is implemented in the formula of public-private partnership (PPP). In the proceedings held eight rounds of competitive dialogue and several working meetings with private partners. During the meetings with potential contractors they have been identified i.a.: technology of the energy production, the scope of works, parameters and characteristics of the plant. The matter of the dialogue were also issues regarding the provision of financing for the Project. BWW is legal counsel of the MPEC Olsztyn during the process of preparation and realization of the investment.