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Joanna Bernat

Joanna Bernat
Senior Associate | Legal Advisor

Experienced practitioner focusing on issues related to energy law, public commercial law in a broad sense, public procurement law, as well as competition and consumer protection law. She handles legal services for the Clients in the area of support for renewable energy sources, cogeneration and waste management.
She participated in works on the so-called energy large threepack and on the latest draft act on renewable energy sources. She advises in the area of obtaining renewable energy and cogeneration energy certificates and in the area of systems of support for the renewable energy sources, including waste incineration plant.
She also handles issues related to environment protection and waste management, paying special attention to processes of producing energy from the waste (thermal treatment, landfill biogas, agricultural biogas, biomass). She advises in issues related to emission of substances to environment, among others in the area of emission of greenhouse gas.
She advised in numerous regulatory projects in the area of concessions and tariffs She participates in works on network codes for the Polish operator of the transmission system and operators of the distribution systems in the gas fuels sector (Instructions of transmission grid’s operation and maintenance and Instructions of distribution grid’s operation and maintenance). She prepared sample agreements of sale, distribution and comprehensive agreements for the companies from the sectors of gas fuels and electrical energy, taking account of the competition and consumer protection related aspects. She specialises in the issues pertaining to the change of supplier on the energy market. She has experience in carrying out due diligence analysis of the companies in the heating and electro-energetic sector.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw and of the School of the British Law held by the British Law Centre of the University of Warsaw and of the University of Cambridge.
A participant of a number of trainings and conferences in the area of support for renewable energy sources, cogeneration and waste management.


Anna Fidecka
Senior Associate | Legal Advisor

Long-term practitioner in the area of law of contracts, civil and copyright law. She has experience also in the field of construction law, public procurement law and public finance, personal data protection, employment law and public sector salary cap law, as well as in property insurance, including CAR/EAR and insurance of the companies’ governing bodies.
She ensured support in projects involving implementation of software systems (IACS and SAP).

She also has a good knowledge of issues related to national security reserves and stocks of liquid fuels and rich litigation experience in civil law matters, in particular resulting from the construction works contracts, employment matters and in cases related to exercising ownership and supervisory rights in relation to national legal persons. She handled also matters pertaining to nationalisation of an industry, agricultural reform, determining legal status of real estate and with different forms of using real estate. She is perfectly familiar with issues related to privatisation and commercialisation of the property of the State Treasury and with free-of-charge acquisition of shares by the employees.

She has gained her experience by rendering comprehensive legal and litigation services to public and private entities, including the ones from the energy sector.
She represents Clients in matters related to social insurance (being subject to insurance, bridging pensions, benefits, etc.), cross-border supply of services and outsourcing (external hiring). She supports employers in administrative litigation in the course of audits of the National Labour Inspectorate or of the National Insurance Institution. She cooperates in creating internal sources of employment law, e.g. employee benefit fund regulations.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska in Lublin and from the Post-Graduate Tax Studies at the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw. Student and graduate of post-graduate programme “Legal consultant of projects financed with EU funds” organised by the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw, European Programmes Institute.


Katarzyna Korszewska
Senior Associate | Legal Advisor

Specialist in the area of infrastructural, construction investments, real estate and renewable energy sources. Expert in the field of administrative law, especially in the area of activity of the local government units.

She gathered has gained her professional experience rendering legal services to local government units, as well as partnerships and companies, including entities from the energy and renewable energy sources sector. She carries out consulting in the area of activity of generating electrical power, contributes to creation of agreements on sale, transmission, distribution of gas fuels or energy. She prepares agreements on connection to a network.

She is also involved in advising in the area of investment processes. In particular, she is engaged in the issues related to spatial planning and land development, as well as construction and environmental protection law, evaluation of legal risks related to investments, in particular in relation to real estate investments.
She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Szczecin.


Karolina Lisiecka
Senior Associate | Legal Advisor

A practitioner and specialist in the field of employment and social insurance law, as well as in civil proceedings. She handles issues related to individual employment relationships and collective employment law. She advises in the area of problems with termination of employment relationships, prepares statements on termination of employment relationships and drafts of internal documents. She participates in negotiations with labour unions in this respect.

A lawyer experienced in issues related to interpretation and application of internal sources of employment law, including the area of termination of sectoral / nationwide collective bargaining agreements or corporate collective bargaining agreements. She handles employment law issues where they area interrelated with regulations pertaining to local government.

She has practical experience in appealing against decisions of administrative authorities and in drafting complaints to the Voivodship Administrative Courts. She participates in proceedings related to accidents at work and occupational diseases.

Represents parties in proceedings before common courts and the Highest Court, both in the cases on misdemeanour (including representing employers in cases related to misdemeanour against employees’ rights) and in civil law cases. She represents clients in employment law cases, among others in cases pertaining to termination of employment agreements, claims on the account of mobbing, payment of remuneration (remuneration for extra time, different kinds of allowances and gratuities).

Graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Lazarski University in Warsaw.


Łukasz Batory
Senior Associate | Legal Advisor

Specialist in the area of energy law, commercial and public procurement law. Consultant in the area of regulations of the energy market. He participated in works on preparation of network codes (Instructions of transmission grid’s operation, maintenance and Instructions of distribution grid’s operation and maintenance), instruction for Yamal-Europe pipeline, for the LNG terminal, and of tariffs for energy enterprises in the gas sector.

He provides advice to energy enterprises in proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office. He participated in preparation of a sample transmission agreement and Interoperator Transmission Contract (ITC).

He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. Student of the Postgraduate Studies on Functioning of the Energy Market in the Warsaw School of Economics. Received a scholarship of the Rector of the University of Warsaw. Participant of the Mediation Clinic organised by the Center for Dispute and Conflict Resolution at the University of Warsaw, and of many other trainings in the field of mediation and negotiation.


Michał Legodziński
Associate | Legal Advisor

Specialist in the field of administrative, civil and commercial law. He is focused on legal services for infrastructural and construction investments and for renewable energy sources. He participated in implementation of an energy investment, which was significant in the EU context (Poland – Lithuania power grid). Experienced practitioner in the field of obtaining real estate legal titles for the purposes of infrastructural investments.

Repeatedly represented parties in the proceedings before common courts in the area of establishing transmission easement. He also has a litigation experience in the area of construction law, acquired in the course of proceedings before the administrative authorities and courts.

He graduated in law and administration on the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Lublin and received a scholarship of rector of that university. He completed apprenticeship in the Governmental Centre of Legislation at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. A participant of trainings and conferences in the area of investments in the nature protected areas, as well as pertaining to construction law and public procurement law.


Agnieszka Mikołajczuk
Associate | Legal Advisor

Specialist in the area of employment and social insurance law. She considers areas of collective labor law to be a particularly interesting field of expertise. She also handles issues related to competition and consumer protection and matters related to employment of foreigners. She has a broad experience in employment restructuring processes (among others, group lay-offs). She also offers support in the area of HR and payroll, in the problems related to hiring, termination of employment or fulfilling obligations imposed on the employers in the course of the employment relationship.  She represents parties in the civil proceedings before common courts, especially in the area of employment law. She cooperates with the Clients in processes related to counteracting mobbing and in audits related thereto.

An experienced practitioner, in particular in interrelation between the employment and local government law, as well as matters related to working time.

She has graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw and is a finalist of the Constitutional Court Tournament organised by the Association of prof. Zbigniew Hołda. An experienced organizer and conductor of moot courts. Previously associated with Helsinki Foundation of Human Rights.


Agata Nieżychowska
Of Counsel | Tax Advisor

Specialist in supporting firms from the energy industry, including renewable energy and real estate sector, as well as construction industry. She also supports companies from the advertising industry and enterprises from the FMCG market.

A practitioner with rich experience in transactional services, especially in the area of mergers and acquisitions. She carried out numerous restructuring processes in the area of optimizing an ownership structure, with the aim of implementation of a tax efficient solutions. She participates in processes of merger, liquidation, transformation of enterprises, as well as in the process of transferring assets between enterprises and exchange of shares. She prepares and implements tax effective structures of acquisition and disposal of assets, including shares of companies.

An advisor in complex transaction projects, as well as in tax issues related to the day-to-day activities of the companies. She has rich experience in handling litigation before tax authorities and administrative courts.

She also handled a number of due diligence tax projects carried out with a purpose of verification of correctness of tax settlements of the enterprises being acquired and of identification of potential areas of tax risks for the acquiring party.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Szczecin. She is a licensed tax advisor (she was entered into a list of tax advisors in 2005). During her practice of more than ten years, she was acquiring her professional experience working in the tax advisory department of Ernst & Young and MAZARS, as well as in the tax teams of SALANS (presently Dentons) and Wierzbowski Eversheds law firms.